"I was looking for a local chiropractor and wanted to find an office with more advanced diagnostics than I had 10 years ago.  I came across Complete Health Chiropractic Center.  Since I started care with Dr. Pitcairn, once again I am able to turn my head without having to turn my whole torso.  Neck pain related headaches have disappeared!  I get better sleep as I do not have to remain in the same position all night.  I can again row a kayak and ride a bike without it being followed by days of pain!"  ~Jana P

“I feel like chiropractic care has made a big impact on my life.  My eyesight had been gradually getting worse over the years.  I recently went to my eye doctor to have my eyes checked, and since coming in for regular chiropractic care, my eyesight had improved!  I feel like everything is feeling looser, and I’m not so stiff all the time.  My sleep immediately improved, and my low back pain has gone away. The staff at Complete Health Chiropractic Center are awesome and very friendly!”  - Scott L

"Dr. Jennifer Pitcairn and her staff have a great rapport with clients. They care about you. They have great wellness education and have helped my body heal so much in the past month. A warm thank you to all of you!" ~Annette P

"Since starting chiropractic care I feel like I stand taller and can do more activities. Complete Health Chiropractic Center has reformed my thoughts that we are responsible for our own health and wellness." ~Clair B

"The care we receive at Complete Health Chiropractic Center has been excellent, friendly and thorough. I felt the gentle care provided there would help my elderly mother. My granddaughter has also seen the benefits of chiropractic care at CHCC. After years of chronic ear infections, she now spends time being a kid instead of being in pain." ~Jewel W

"I was just amazed with Dr. Pitcairn. I did not know chiropractic could help in so many ways. I sleep better and most importantly I no longer take over-the-counter medications! I was able to hike Crater Lake due to the care I received at Complete Health Chiropractic Center." ~Madeline L